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5 Tips To Stay Fit On-The-Go

5 Things You Can Do to Stay in Shape On-The-Go

1. Walk more

If you want to make staying fit and healthy a priority, walk more.

You use public transportation to go to work in the morning, yet it would take you 30 minutes to get there by foot? Walk.

Out shopping at the mall and you always have that 0.001 second debate in your head of whether or not you should take the oh so tempting escalator… Don’t! Just take the stairs.

Living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t start when you lace up your sneakers and hit the gym, then stop as soon as you’re out of it. It’s the way you live 24/7.

2. Practice mindful eating

Be mindful of the food you choose to put in your body. By being attentive of the food that you consume, you will feel more satisfied when eating.

Like anything else in life, mindful eating takes practice. Honing this skill will help you enjoy your food to the full extent and tune into your body’s needs better.

3. Enjoy working out!

Exercise should not be dreadful. Find a workout you enjoy and know you will stick to in the long run.

If running on a treadmill or smashing the weights for 45 minutes isn’t your thing, do something else! If you need some ideas for cardio and strength training, here are a few:

Go for a swim.

Not for you?

Hop on a bike!

Biking Isn't your thing? You can try hiking, climbing, rowing, speed walking, body weight exercises, and more.

STILL not convinced? All good. Maybe all you need is a little team effort. Pick up a sport such as basketball, boxing, soccer (football), tennis…and so on.

4. Get plenty of sleep

One of the best things you can do to make sure you stay fit, whether you’re at home or not is to get enough sleep.

Sleep will help shorten your recovery time, regulate your metabolism and boost your energy. This will increase your athletic performance and overall health.

The amount of sleep you need will depend on the type of exercises and sport you practice and at what level. You should aim for at least 7 hours of sleep per night.

5. Gear up

If you find yourself traveling for work or vacation often, finding a reliable gym to go to may not be the easiest solution to staying on top of your training regimen.

Here is a list of portable exercise equipment you can use anywhere:

Jump rope- Jumping rope is an excellent way to improve your cardio, balance, agility and strength and you can easily pack one in your backpack or suitcase.

Resistance bands- Bands can be used for a ton of different exercises for your upper and lower body with minimal space.

The perfect push-up- This light, travel friendly piece of equipment is a great way to do push- ups without adding stress to the wrists.

Wherever you are, just do something!

You won’t always have access to your favorite training facility. You won’t always be home and able to prep all your meals so just be mindful of what you eat, listen to your body and move every day to help stay on top of your fitness game.

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